Documentation of my midway presentation


Hey – thanks to everyone for taking the time to join us.

For those of us who haven’t met yet – I’m David and over there is [project_partner_name].

Today we will share our progress so far and future plans and we would appreciate your insights and feedback.


Here is an overview of the topics we will cover.


A re-introduction is necessary because the idea has evolved compared to the original.

[project_codename] is <read slide>. Criteria can be cost, deadlines, risks, etc…


So what does that mean? Here is an example. We have two versions of the same project.

It has the same workers, but the goals are different, so the tasks are assigned differently.

On the top, the deadline is important so workers are assigned to tasks they already know.

On the bottom, the important criteria is that the workers develop skills – so they are assigned work in areas where they aren’t so experienced.

#5 WHY?

And custom approaches allow companies to gain efficiencies.

#6 HOW?

We will use data from different sources, analyze, and make a recommendation.


Before we go further, it makes sense to talk about why we pivoted.

We spoke with approximately 50 potential users and some business mentors and we got the feedback to be more focused on a specific area, to not be a generic automation tool.


On the left is stuff that is now in the past.

And on the right are the plans for the future.

The next slides will go into some of these topics on a deeper level.


The main thing to emphasis here is that out of the competitors that are found, none of them are doing in-depth analysis of tasks, workers, or matching.

Meisterplan does do some basic version of this, but we want to go deeply in that area. This will be our USP.

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