Resistance: How we play

We play “The Resistance” with some extra stuff. We usually play with ten players; four as spies and six as rebels.

Instead of normal spies and rebels, we add few special characters.

A ten player game.


The Commander sees three of the four spies: the False Commander, Assassin, and Blind Spy. She knows the players and that they are spies, but does not know each players’ role.

The final spy, Deep Cover, is not known by the Commander.

The False Commander, Assassin, and Deep Cover see each other and that they are on the same team, but do not know their teammates’ roles.

The Blind Spy is unknown by the other spies, and she does not know them.

The Body Guard sees the Commander and False Commander together, but does not know their roles.

The remaining four players are vanilla rebels that only know themselves.


A player starts as the inquisitor and gets to secretly learn the alignment of another player. The selected player must tell the truth, but the inquisitor is free to lie. The player who will be last to propose a team is the first inquisitor. And then it precedes to the selected players. A previous inquisitor cannot be selected. This is triggered after the second, third, and fourth missions are completed.

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