Resistance: You should probably reject this proposed team

In “The Resistance,” voting for proposed missions can be a complex decision. In the early game, no one has everything figured out. But there is at least one situation where the answer is clear.

These are the conditions for that situation:

  • You are excluded from the proposed mission.
  • The number of players excluded is equal to the number of spies.

This might be a little hard to understand immediately, but we’ll explain it with an example.

A game with six players has four rebels and two spies. The number of players required for each mission is two, three, four, three, and four.

To have a good mission with four players:

  • All rebels must be included.
  • All spies must be excluded.

So there is only one valid combination. All other combinations are bad.

The perfect mission.

If you are excluded from the mission as a rebel, it is bad. A spy has taken your place. You do not even need to know the spy. Reject it.

In this situation, anyone who is excluded from the mission and approves it either is a new player or a spy.

If you are excluded from the mission and a spy, generally you should reject it. This is because a rebel would always reject it. Approving it with competent players around exposes yourself as a spy. So it better by worth it.

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