Scheduling an appointment with Techem

We potentially have a problem with the heat-usage-monitor in our flat. The cost adjustment from last year came and it was rather high.

So we contacted our landlord to ask for help:

Hello Ms. Smith,

I am writing to ask for an update about fixing our balcony door. It still doesn’t close tightly and last winter we could feel cold air constantly coming into the flat.

Some months ago, two people separately came to look at it. One specifically because we requested it, and another because of routine maintenance. I’m not really sure of the result from the person who came specifically to look at it. But the routine maintenance person said that the door was warped and he would report it as “high priority” or something similar.

With the panic about the rise in heating costs, it is important that this would be fixed before it starts getting cold. Is there already a scheduled time when someone will come fix it? If so, when?

We got the bill for last year's expenses and they calculated that for heating we need to pay around 250 Euro extra. And it wasn’t clear if this was for the whole year or for only for the portion we were responsible for the flat, which was only a month. And this was even before the situation with Russia stopping fuel exports. It could be a mistake and someone from your company is investigating it.

But if it is accurate, we would really like to take steps to avoid a repeat of that. So if you estimate that it won’t be fixed before winter, we would greatly appreciate that our heating costs are subsidized monetarily or some alternative solution is offered from your side.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind regards,


(If you want a good translation in German, make a donation and I’ll get you it.)

They replied they’d speak with their service provider to come check the monitor again. We got a letter form them to schedule an appointment. Here’s the contents:

The steps to make an appointment online are pretty easy. Using Chrome’s translate webpage feature makes it easier.

On the calendar for scheduling appointments, they emphasized which appointment slots would have less pollution impact.

Before this, I had never heard of Techem.

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